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Hosted by Mark


I love travel. It’s in my blood and it’s how I support myself. I travel the globe for work and I get to stay in some pretty amazing hotels. But, when I travel on my dime, nothing beats staying and living like a local. I love exploring the local farmer’s and food markets and then being able to head back to a nice private space to make a wonderful meal with fresh, local ingredients. Did I mention that I like shopping the food markets? I love it and oh, yes… wine. Nothing beats a great bottle of wine paired with a freshly prepared meal.

Gardening. LOVE IT. I am pretty certain I could never live anywhere that does not have access to a garden. At home I am surrounded by gardens. On the property we grow nearly all of the fruits and vegetables we can possibly eat. You name it, we probably grow it. All organic and pesticide free. Like flowers? We have that, too. From spring to early winter the gardens are in bloom, the bees and butterflies are hard at work and life is bountiful.

Which brings me to the village of Kenwood in the beautiful Sonoma Valley. There’s no place like it on earth. Not Tuscany. Not the South of France. Nope. Nothing like it. If you come to visit, you’ll find out for yourself; I am confident you’ll agree.